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November 13, 2017
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November 27, 2017

Winter Essentials !

Hello Gulabis !

I hope you guys are enjoying this amazingly pleasant climate. I am already in love with this weather again and the best part is its just the start, and the winter season is just gearing up.

I just love winters ,firstly for the climate and secondly I have a huge thing for winter wears specially those jackets, stoles and layering it up all is so much fun and effortlessly stylish .

Also, another best part is we girls can finally now get our boots out and flaunt them and style it in different ways.

So lets talk about today’s blog, I am here with some essentials/must have for this winter season, lets get started with it:

Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are everlasting fashion trend, stylish and versatile that you can pair it with a short dress, mid length dress, a denim, trouser or even tights. It just perfectly goes with every pair of dress and comfortable to wear to long hours.
This is one must have if you are not a fan of long boots.
White or black ankle boots are the best option if you want to go for basic.
And if you are looking for something more eye catchy or different you can go for some velvet or bold color boots.

Have a look :


pinkish velvet boots: koovs


Denim /Leather jacket:
A denim or leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and something that can never ever go out of trend, as it adds that instant edge to any of your outfit and gives you a perfect winter look. It can boost your attire from basic to fab !
Black leather jacket is one which goes with everything and termed as basic. If you like to experiment you can go ahead with colors like brown, beige,mustard,military colour,ombre.

light blue denim jacket looks the best . Also you can add some patches to it to make it a DIY jacket .

Brown leather jacket: Forever 21

kitty print dress: Thailand streets

Shawl /blanket wrap :
This style is pretty much like layering with a stole. Just wrap it once or twice in the way you like over any of your outfit and you are great to go . Bold colors looks better .
Also you can pick any of the shawl from your moms closet and pull up a denim and a boot, and hola you are winter ready.

Have a look how I styled it :


Pink cashmere shawl : Manali

Statement Jacket:
A statement piece is about your personal style, which can be a statement jewelry, statement jacket or anything. As I love jackets, and it is very important if you socialize a lot as it is the Easiest way to smarten up any outfit by throwing a jacket over it. Short or long, flared or fitted and the list goes on .As it adds that perfect chic touch to any of your LBD making it still look stylish and party ready.

Statement long jacket : Adore, Mg road, Pune

velvet dress: Zara

Jeggings/Skinny Denims :We definitely have one of theses as they are basic and are perfect for winters as it helps you when you want to opt for a layering kinda look or you just want to do that layering to save yourself from that cold.

cardigan: cardigan are very important and useful as it gives the perfect warmth required and offcourse looksvery stylish too. Can be paired with dresses, denim etc .

Look at the cardigan I recently purchased from Sarojni nagar for Justin’s 300/-

Zara has the best fit and comfortable jeggings .

Knee length boots:
To make your style game up with keeping you warm, this is one style you should go for.Also high heels boots when paired with dresses or skirts are perfect for your evening outing.

Kneee length velvet boots: Forever 21

A silk or wollen scarf is also one of the good way to keep you warm and add that pop of color to your attire.

So ,I feel these are the essentials and must have to create different winter fashion in India.
Also you should always consider:
Thick fabrics are not the only ones which will give you warmth. Also fabrics like cashmere is thin but perfect for winters.
you can add silk to your wardrobe for being the ever green trend of winters.

So go ahead,flaut your winter looks and do share it with me or write in to me for any suggestions .

pictur courtesy : clickocassion

Lots of Love,
TheGulabiGirl 🙂