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October 15, 2018
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Want Salon like glow at home?


Hello Gulabis…
We all know about the famous brand VLCC since ages now, it specializes  in weight management solutions,Skin and hair treatment, beauty services and personal care.
VLCC Personal care range consists of 250 products and which are 100% pure and nature inspired.
Recently I have been trying some of their products and thought I will share with you all.
One of their product I am completely drooling over are the facial kits.
We are all so busy In our daily life that we often neglect our skin care due to lack to time, heavy on pocket etc. That’s where VLCC has come up with this magical kits for us as we all know how important facials are for skin care in this polluted weather.
VLCC facial kit helps you in getting salon like glow and flawless skin at the ease of your home. It comes up with Step-by-step guide which helps you to understand the steps to be followed during a facial.
There are a large number of options as per the skin type as well as the occasion, Let me name a few:
3)VLCC Party glow facial kit
4)VLCC haldi & Tulsi facial kit for Insta glow
5)VLCC platinum Facial Kit
6)VlCC papaya Facial kit
7)VLCC double new facial kit for ace free skin.
VLCC Gold Facial kit is my most favorite as it actually gives you a gold kinda glittering glow. This one works for majorly all skin types and is perfect for something eventful.
It improves skin texture prevents fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles, also removes pigmentation and gives you a flawless skin.
Step 1- Cleansing and toning
Step 2-Gold scrub
Step 3-Gold gel
Step 4-Gold Cream
Step 5-Gold Peel off mask
Step 6-Oil free moisturizing gel
These are the steps you need to follow one after another for luminous and radiant complexion.
The goodness of 24 carat gold & Galnut extracts is what you get with VLCC Gold facial kit.
For the people who are more fond of Fruit base, You should definitely try Papaya Fruit Facial Kit.
Steps followed are the same as gold facial but this one contains watermelon and cucumber extracts that cools the skin, treats rashes and blemishes.
Peach massage cream which will be step 4 is enriched with cocoa butter and olive oil that helps to detoxify ad rejuvenate the skin.
For the one who are fond of Insta glow; VLCC Chandan Kesar is just for you.
Enriched with Chandan & Kesar exfoliates dead skin & polishes the skin with soothing effect.
A unique cream in step 4 with combination of Kesar,chandan,Vitamin B3 & E Makes skin fairer.Olive oil on the other hand provides deep nourishment to your skin.
Step 5 of this facial kit also removes dark and dull spots.
As I said different products has different benefits as per your skin type, why don’t you just go and try it out.
It’s difficult to find a good brand with such great products along with being pocket friendly.
Write and share your suggestions with me if you have any doubts about this products, also there are some products I am currently using from VLCC and will be soon reviewing them as well. Stay tuned for that.
You can check out more about their services and products on:
Till then Keep following and sharing your love.