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March 12, 2018
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Recently there was a bloggers meet arranged at vibes ( Slimming,beauty,laser) clinic, Which has recently launched in pune at Kalyani Nagar and Bhandarkar Road after a huge success and experience of 23 years with 2 million success stories and strong global vision.

Vibes is located in India as well bangladesh with cities including New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar and Siliguri and today has 30 state of the art centers which are equipped to provide services of international standards.

It is place which caters to all your needs such as Slimming,beauty and laser also not to forget the salon services.
To list down:
New Age Derma Treatments: For skin repair and enhancement for both men and women such as –
PRP treatment
Botox & Fillers
Derma Roller
Glutathione treatment.

Multi-Stage Hair re-growth treatment:Any hair problem has a way out –
Hair fillers
Stem cell technology
Hair transplant
PRP Re-growth therapy

Lazer Hair Removal: Get rid of those unwanted hair

Tekar Therapy : (Introducing in india) for thick resistive fat
Lose up to 5kgs & 20 cms
One session miracle : Lose 2-3 inches in just one session with clinically proven results .
(No surgery, no needles, no downtime, no anesthesia )

Check it below:


Vibes also has a range of Herbal and Ayurvedic skin-care, Hair care and body care products.


They use latest innovation in weight loss solutions, the most recent being a treatment called Tekar. Its a new concept launched in India which focuses on weight loss, inch loss, fat loss and muscle strengthening while taking care of Oedema and pain. This treatment provides a safe, effective, easy, and quick solution to weight loss with a 360 degree approach.


What generally happens with a weight loss is you workout, diet and loose weight and soon gain it too. At vibes, they make sure it doesn’t bounce back and healthy eating is the key and experts here help you in that.

About their salon services I have myself tried a facial and pedicure with them and it was actually very nice. I would highly recommend if you visit vibes for any facial do get it done from their staff member name babita and for pedicure staff member shehbaz without any doubt.

Some of the images during my visit:




From my personal point of view the thing I am really impressed with is their highly experience team, they have the correct knowledge to give you, plus they won’t mis guide you and would suggest treatments after a proper examination by certified doctors at vibes .

If you have any query regarding any of the treatment, I would suggest to book an appointment and go and check it out yourself and later you can take a call if you want to go ahead with any of it. Believe me you won’t be disappointed with their services.


I would personally like to thank them for giving us the correct knowledge and guiding us with small routine habits and also for this small goodies as a token of love.

You can check about their services at :

Questions ??? Please write to me.

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