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July 2, 2018
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Want to know the Secret behind flawless skin?

Hello Gulabis…

Let me tell you guys I am not a beauty blogger, but I have received a lot of questions from you guys asking me to do a blog on this one. So here I am with the basic skin care routine i follow.
Keeping the skin young and healthy is a key to looking beautiful even without makeup for longer period and you should make it a part of your life for that flawless skin.
 I always follow my Cleansing -toning -moisturizing routine and then go ahead with the remaining usual products.
What is cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing ??? Lets start step by step.
 Cleansing means cleaning your face entirely  with a face wash as per your skin. There are different face wash available for dry and oily skin. So you can pick accordingly and start the CTM process with it.
I am currently using Cetaphil cleanser, as my skin is dry and sensitive and it is prescribed by my skin doctor.
If you have oily skin you can also opt for Neem face wash .
After cleaning, path your skin with clean napkin or you can use tissue paper as they are clean and fresh.
After cleansing comes toning :
Lot of times I have heard  this from you guys that what is the use of toning, as  we don’t see any result even after using it for 3 months now.
Let me tell you guys, toning  is for hydration of your skin. So always remember while buying a toner only go for the one with hydration.
Take some toner on your palm and tap it all over your face or you can use cotton to apply the toner. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and you can go ahead with the third step.
Then comes the moisturizing
Moisturizing is the most important step and should not be avoided by anyone, be whatever skin type. It basically protects your skin from outside dirt and prevents your skin from looking dry and dull.
After moisturizer if you feel there is need of sunscreen you can apply that. I generally prefer you should always apply  before stepping out of your house, Specially during day time.
Note: Apply Sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out as it is absorbed throughly and gives a protection layer to your skin.
I know you guys might be thinking it is such a long process to do daily, but believe me guys once you start doing it and get use to it, it will become a part of your life and would hardly take 5 minutes.
If you are really looking for that younger and flawless skin for always you need to give that much to your skin.
You guys need to follow CTM process in the morning, followed by Suns cream and at night before sleeping followed by your night cream or under eye cream.
Also, don’t follow this process for a month and two and get dis heartened that there are no results. This will improve your skin pattern not only from outside but as well as from inside for longer run.
So make this CTM a routine and follow it for life. You won’t believe it now but you would thank me later 🙂
I am mentioning below some of the products I use:
Please don’t use the same products, you can consult your skin doctor and opt for the products as per your skin. As your skin can be dry or oily or with ace. So different products will work accordingly.
My skin is dry and sensitive, so I use following products:
For cleansing :
For toning :
For Moisturizing :
Sunscreen :
Night Cream:
Under Eye Cream:
So ya, that’s about it. Do let me know if you like such basic beauty blogs from my personal routine and I will be back with more such blogs for you guys.
Till then keep following and loving.
Lots of Love.