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July 9, 2018
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Unnoticed and Unattended problems of skin and hair???

Hello Gulabis, 

A lot of you have asked me about the products of Dot & Key and I just said give me a little time for myself to try it out, and of course that time has come as I have tried the products and I am here with the review for you all.
Dot and key have recently launched some skin & Hair care products and they are actually different from the others as you don’t find this products very often specially with good results.It focuses on “Unnoticed and unattended problems” of skin and hair
What happens in our life is we are caught up in frenzy of daily life and often neglect taking care of entire body and we look into just the basic we are following since our childhood .
The ignorance or unconsciousness causes this and we neglect the other part and just care about our face.
But for our joy, finally there are some products launched by Dot and key which are :
 *Post Swimming hair care
 *Pigmentation of the “unattended” part of the body like underarms darkness/pigmentation,elbows,ankles,chin etc
 *Hair Sunscreen lotion.
These are some of the major highlight as we don’t see such products with other brands.
Other than this the products they have are:
For Sun care:
Hair sunscreen + Softening serum with spa 15
Transparent Sunscreen spray SPF 50
Tan minimizing facial clay masque
For Face care :
Skin essential Night serum
Skin awakening moisture boost serum
Matte finish moisturizer in serum
Illuminating Glow moisturizer in serum
Skin cleansing steam balm
Ace-control facial cleansing foam.
For Hand & Foot care:
Hand cream: Sanitizer + Moisturizer
Foot cream : Deodorizer + Moisturizer
Head to toe dryness repair salve.
(i am in love with this one,as it works perfectly as a sanitizer plus a moisturizer.Must try)
For pigmentation Care:
Knee & elbow retexturizng serum
Underarm color correction serum
Underarm Detox & Colour correction mask
(Using this one since two weeks now and i can see a slight lighting of darkness on elbow)
For Swim Care:
Post swim hair Dechlorinating Spray
Pre swim skin & hair chlorine protection spray
( I have personally tried this one, and i can see the results with no tanning. So yes it works!)
Isn’t it different and unique and genuinely some products for neglected part of our body.
I have frankly not tried all of them but some I did and I can say they gave good results.
Another best part is that you won’t find any toxic chemicals like parabens, Sulphates and phthalates which are other wise present in quite a few skin care products.
All the products of Dot & Key promise: Superior Skincare that’s absolutely safe, delightfully gentle and unquestionably effective.
It is dermatologically tasted and with natural botanical.
Also attaching a link below for you guys to check out their products.
If you want to know about any specific product please mail me ill  be happy to share my results if I have tried it yet.