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May 8, 2017
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June 4, 2017

Travel Into The World Heritage Site …

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And Once again I am back with a travel blog. So this time its a place in Maharashtra with  lots of history of buddha enclaved in the form of sculptures and wall paintings. We all have  heard  and read about it since our childhood, and it’s just 60 km away from my birth place, {Jalgaon} and not very far from Aurangabad.
And I have amazing memories from this place, but this time I have visited here almost after ages but have the same feeling like always. And  its Ajanta Caves…

Ajanta caves  is located in Maharashtra and about sixty km from Jalgaon city and ninety five kms from Aurangabad district.

Ajanta caves were carved in two different period,2nd century BC and 6th century AD. These caves were used by Buddhist monks for prayers and meditation for almost 9 centuries, and then slowly it became abandoned.

Later, in 1819 Jon Smith once went hunting tiger and discovered these caves and soon the news about discovery of new caves spread all around the world specially within the European traveller.

It is very famous and one of the oldest world heritage sites in India being almost 2000 years old.

There are about twenty-nine caves built up and it is completely awestruck to witness these caves. Though the paintings are on the verge of diminishing very fast, what is worth is the heritage sites .Caves are sculpted with huge buddha sculptures ,wall painting ,minute carvings . All the paintings were made with all natural colors and pigments. Various incidents from the life of Gautam buddha and Jataka tales are recreated on the walls with amazing craftsmanship and their imagination.

The most popular and famous is cave 1, 2 ,4 ,17,26.
Cave 1 has a huge Buddha sculpture which had a unique feature of the buddha statue smiling,sad and neutral by changing the position of lamp in front to the statue which was mind-blowing and worth watching.

Cave 2 facade depicts the story of kings of naga and their entourage .And ceiling decorated with birds, flowers,fruits and abstract designs .

Cave 4 is special because it’s the largest monasteries though it was left incomplete.

Cave 17 has some beautiful wall painting depicting stories which makes it special.

Cave 26 has a large carved statue of reclining buddha, representing his moment of death.

These caves are the most visited ones from the remaining ones.

 And I hope you might have understood why people call it masterpieces of architecture and a must visit place in  their life even though you are not an artist or architecture fan, I am sure you will be one after visiting.
Some things I would like to mention before going to visit Ajanta Caves:
  1. Best time is during rainy season as you can see more of greenery and amazing waterfall, avoid visiting during summer as the climate is super hot and it gets difficult to walk around, you should not forget to carry adequate water along with you and a smart guide is a must.
  2. Wear comfy footwear as there are lots of stairs as well a long way if you wish to finish all the caves. ( P.S there are also some Doli services available for people who can’t walk, comes with a cost)
  3. Please carry your water bottles and some food , as once you reach at the entrance of the caves there are no shops or cafe.
  4. You should start your day early as it takes time to see all twenty-nine caves.
And Some more images of Ajanta Caves from my travelling experience.


 What I wore :
* Worn out denim: Vero Moda
*Slit Long Kurti : Globus
*Cap: Splash
*Shades: HnM
*Choker: Streets of Ahemdabad   ( From my old closet)
How to reach Ajanta caves :
Reaching the caves is not that easy though, you can take a bus or cab from either Aurangabad or Jalgaon.
Closest station from Ajanta caves is in Jalgaon and closest airport is at Aurangabad.
Also there are local classic travel services , which takes you around surrounding places as well.
Once you reach Ajanta, you are drop off by your bus/cab and then local buses by the government takes you towards the caves. ( P.S its hardly 10 mins journey )
The entrance where you are dropped by your bus/cab are filled with cafe and souvenir shops, and please don’t forget the thumb rule… Bargain.

Also, you can visit Ellora caves which is a bit far from ajanta, but if you wish to know the complete history behind ajanta caves then visit to ellora caves is must.
Please share your reviews about this place,if you have already visited or your planning too.
See you guys again next monday with another blog..
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