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August 7, 2017
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August 23, 2017

Pee Safe: A Boon For Womanhood!

Hello Gulabis …

Today’s blog is specially for my Gulabis . As I have got one product which is the most important need of all the ladies and we all have always dreamed about a product like this . 

It’s Pee Safe . 

I guess the name itself explains what is it about but not how is it beneficial for us . 

Best part about pee sAfe is, it is very handy and gives result with 5 seconds . 

Yes, it’s a toilet seat sanitizer, which helps you sanitize any  public or personal toilet seat within 5 seconds . 

You just need to shake it, spray it,wait for 5 seconds and it’s done . Your toilet seat is now sanitized and 99.9% bacteria free . 

right ? Even I was, until I used it .

I know I can’t judge about the bacteria but someone I feel it has done the needful . 

This is like a boon for ladies , specially the one who travels a lot and is running around all over  the city . 

I would suggest you guys, to go and try it out. 

I always have this with me whenever I step out of my house . 

I hope this review was useful enuff for you guys . 

Do write if you have any quarry about the same . 

Would love to help you ? 

P.s it is not a sponsored review but from my personal point . 

Much love,
TheGulabiGirl ?