How to style outfits for Navratri Nights !
October 1, 2018
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November 12, 2018

Outfit inspirations for festive season!

Hello Gulabis,

A series of festivities is about to unfurl. With Navratra’s shortly underway, closely followed by Diwali and other such occasions, I thought it is best to give you all a feel of the options you could put together to look haute & chic from my personal favourites.

Fashion is an ever evolving and vibrant entity. Fashion conscious indian consumers are getting more and more particular regarding their looks. Their preference grows toward ethnic apparel with a touch of modernity. A contemporary fashion getting popular in recent times is fusion wear. It is a creative blend of styles of any two or more cultures. The silhouettes are basically of the western hemisphere, and are blended with indian textiles and styling. Fusion wear is a preferred choice of people of all class and ages. I know that many feel that there isn’t much that can be done to make modern the traditional indian wear.But, I Say vanquish those worries, I’m here to show you ways in which you can maintain the Desi vibe at the core of your look and still enhance the entirety by adding tidbits from the western hemisphere.

 One might ask, Why fusion fashion? Well imagine this: Walking past a field you stop and pause to admire a single rose amidst all the green pastures. I hope the metaphor makes sense, fusion fashion is structure of styling that adds and amplifies the visual appeal to one’s complete look.
P.S it is my personal style too

India is a land filled with sources of inspiration, and I’m incorporating all that inspires me into 7 of my best looks. The first 6 of these looks are the variables, the 7th and final look that I brought together is my personal style statement.
Starting with something simple, the first look is a plain pairing of gowns with a desi – dupatta.  In the photograph you will notice that I paired a solid – colored gown with a printed dupatta and a belt. You could either recreate  my look in the same fashion or switch for a printed/embroidered gown with a plain dupatta.

Taking a bigger step away from simplicity, the second look maintains an altogether western feel with a bold desi presence. I paired a shirt, skirt and boots. The skirt and accessories were perfect representations of the Indian/desi motifs and workmanship.

Some can even execute a sense of power-dressing, my third look shows the pairing of a lehenga with a bold shoulder blazer instead of the conventional dupatta/stoll.

My fourth look would definitely appeal to all who love to sport a saree. Pick a saree that satisfies your sense of fashion & style and replace the traditional blouse with an off – shoulder party top.

The fifth look is another simple option that portrays my love for fusion fashion. All you need to do is pick a lehenga skirt and pair it with a western – wear party top, the dupatta/stoll is optional.

In the sixth look I’ve worked fusion to my comfort. Keeping in mind the desi-vibe of things, I chose a blouse with Indian motifs and humble plain  skirt, to which I added a hint of edge by sporting boots and a corset belt along with accessories of the Indian genre.
For those who might not know, I am not a fan of wearing skirts and lehenga.So, this my seventh look is my style statement.I’m going to go ahead and christen it the PRANJAL: a fusion of desi and Bohemia.86-ing the conventional skirts,lehengas and sprees completely and instead I chose to opt for leggings; clubbed it with a black top and saree. I’ve draped the spree freestyle maintaining the crisp of the pleats, you can drape the spree as per your convenience and comfort, topped with mid-length bold blazer.You could wear oxidized jewelry to amplify the boho in you and perhaps alternate with an Indian/desi inspired blouse/top instead of basic.
Feat- Desi x Bohemian
Gown: Forever 21
Belt: Vero Moda
Dupatta: Local Market
Shirt: HM
Skirt: Local market
Skirt: Tailored
Blazer: Mango
Top:Forever 21
Saree & Top: Praant Desginer Boutique
Top: Forever 21
Skirt & Dupatta: Moms Closet
Blouse: Tailored
Skirt: Sarojni Nagar,Delhi
Corset Belt: Koovs
Boots: HM
Jeggings: Zara
Blazer: Mango
Saree: Mirraw
Jewellery:Gulabi Peti (Online store)
I hope you guys liked the compilation of all the best looks which are apt for this festive season.
Write into me if you want me to do a blog post on a particular style.
Till then as i say, Keep showering your love.
Lots of Love,
The Gulabi Girl