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September 20, 2019

Navratri LookBook 2019

So here’s a lookbook from my side for the best outlook one can get in this festive season of Navratri. You can dress up in a variety of dresses to get the best out of your outfits but, what I have brought  to you is the stylish way to style and mix n match clothing. This will be very useful if you do not have any new clothes for this Navratri. This LookBook will enlighten you with the  mix and match of your older clothes. So let’s start straight away.
1. Traditional Blouse with a co-ordinate dress:-Team up a colorful Navtratri feel blouse with a pant. You can also add a shrug to it to make it a good 3 piece set!
2. Pair a Shirt with a Lehenga:-While everyone wears the usual lehenga with a blouse, you can make it look outstanding by wearing a shirt. Knot the shirt at your belly, or tuck it in to make it stand out!
3. Ditch the Old Blouse and wear a crop top:-If you’re someone that wears a lot of western outfits and flaunts it, then this is the one for you. Ditch the old blouse that everyone wears, and replace it with a crop top. This will make you look Sanskaari even in a crop top. Amazing right?
4. Wear a long Kurti with a Lehenga:-If you’re too conscious of wearing a blouse and too much of skin show, you can always switch to a long Kurti to get back to being classy. This pair looks so trendy and amazing, that you’d probably won’t want to go back to the old blouse fashion!
5. A Coaty Jacket with a pair of Leggings:-If you’re one of those who cannot handle all the Lehengas and Kurtis then, this one’s the go-to for you. Also, if you’re on the tomboy side or like to wear more of boy’s type of clothes, then you’ll love to wear this because it’ll give you a comfort like no other.
6. Drape a Dupatta like a Saree on your Jeggings:-If you cannot wear a Lehenga and want to be in a pair of jeggings, this idea will leave you amazed. Wearing a dupatta around your waist like a Saree and having a Afghani Necklace around your neck will make it stand out even more.
7. Traditional Blouse with Dhoti Pants and Kamarbandh for the perfect Navratri Look:-If you’re okay in the traditional blouses, but still can’t handle the Lehenga, I suggest you to get rid of the Lehenga and wear Dhoti Pants. It may sound a but weird at first, but after you wear it you’ll realise how good it looks on you. It also showcases your body figure in case you wanna flaunt it!
8. Give Layering to your Lehenga with a Smaller Lehenga:-If you’re totally in for the Lehenga drama to be handled, then you better top it up with another one.Layer your Lehenga with a smaller Lehenga of contrasting colors so that it separates the two. This will make others feel like it’s one unique Lehenga when in reality it’s two different ones. And wearing a blouse on top of it will make it more elegant and beautiful.
9. Wear a Spaghetti Top inspite of a blouse and drape a Dupatta:-If you’re up for a blouse but wanna make it look more modern and outstanding, why not go for a Spaghetti top? It gives out the same outlook while also looking a lot more modern. Wear a Dupatta to make it look more traditional. An extra variation in the same pieces of clothing is given below 10. Tie the Opposite ends of a Dupatta and make it a shrug:-Tie the two opposite end of your dupatta and wear it like a shrug. This make it look more modern when worn over a spaghetti top. This can also be worn over a blouse which will make it look traditional yet different. Pairing this over a Lehenga makes this a perfect outfit for Navratri Fest.
11. Drape a Dupatta as a Halter top with a Lehenga:-If you don’t have a good blouse or even if you don’t wanna go for a blouse then this could be the choice for you. Drape a Dupatta like a Halter top which makes it look totally modern and stunning. It easily replaces a blouse but gives the traditional feel too. Wearing it with a Lehenga will only enhance the total outfit. You can also add an extra Dupatta from the sides to give it a different touch.
12. Knot up a basic loose Tee and pair it with a Lehenga:-Wearing a Lehenga with a blouse is so mainstream and common. What you can do to stand out is wearing a long and loose Tee with it. Tie a knot near your belly or even at either sides of it so that it fits you properly. This looks even better with a great pair of neck piece such as a bohemian or even an Afghani Necklace. So that’s it guys . I hope you liked this LookBook for Navratri Festival as much as I loved creating them for you. Keep loving and keep supporting guys. Yours, The Gulabi Girl.