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December 18, 2017
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January 2, 2018

Into the life of The Gulabi Girl !

Hello Gulabis !


Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new year ! May this coming season brings in an exciting year ahead with lots of joy, Love and success to you all !

Christmas week is so much fun and you just don’t feel like working.This amazing weather around and celebrations all over plus with some great gigs and concerts happening around who would ever feel to work anyways ! Personally I don’t . I just feel to relax and gear up for the new year to start all fresh .

Talking about today’s blog ,it’s very special to me as it’s a blogiversary blog as TheGulabiGirl turned one on 20th Dec 2017.  Firstly ill like to thank all you guys for your overwhelming love and support ,it means the world to me. Fashion was always my passion but I never knew I would be able to turn my dream into reality with this blog.

To celebrate this one year blogiversary I have got you things ThegulabiGirl love getting into her life:

As you Guys know I am completely obsessed with colour pink and that’s how TheGulabiGirl name was born, there are few other things to it which ill be incomplete without and are some of my other obsession:

  • I am totally obsessed with Kareena Kapoor ,I am big team fan of her since my childhood and I guess I will always be.

  • Though I love to eat all the junk food and of course party a lot ,I try to manage my diet whenever possible . Oats and cold slim milk with some black coffee is my morning routine I just can’t do without. Of course I am a poha lover ,when I am into my cheat moods.

  • I Just love to laze around in my pink world around me for which I hardly get time due to my busy schedule with work and blogging events and shoots, but when I do I love that part the most !

  • If you guys might have noticed in my Insta stories, I have a huge thing for dream catchers and I recently got a 5 feet long dream catcher from Bali which is my point of love in my house. (P.S I also got a nice dream catcher tattoo on my back)

  • My most famous and loved by everyone favorite corner in my house is my pink ladder, which I have cutely styled with pretty things from different places I travel.

  • A girl’s life is incomplete without a pair of shoe, and my shoe fetish has all gone to another level all together. I proudly own around 52 Pairs of footwear which are like my priced possession .

Haha ! I know you can’t see all the 52 pairs, as it wasn’t possible to fit in all but I will definitely do a story on all my footwear soon .

  • Not to forget Mr.Lovely ,who is a cute pitches shade long and voluminous teddy bear I bought a year back.

That’s all about my life and my obsessions in small. I know its more towards girly side but that’s how I am and I like to be !  And I am guessing you guys love me for that after my fashion forte 🙂

Finding success as a blogger was a trial and error process for me, as I was really scared about how my pictures would turn out, ( P.S I was a camera conscious person personally )will people like what I write (P.S I never really had a thing about writing or reading )and all such question which comes up to everyone’s mind while starting something new. But I would definitely suggest you guys, if you have something in mind just give it a try you never know what wonders it could do to you till the time you try it out.

My one year journey was amazing and I am definitely looking at many more amazing years to come on my way.

Keep supporting and sharing your love, It would have never been possible to do this without you guys!

Picture Courtesy:  In Focus Photography

Location Courtesy: TheGulabiGhar

Much Love,