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September 11, 2017
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October 10, 2017

Let’s Get Ready For Gujju Sunburn!

Hello my darling Gulabis !

I have been super excited about today’s blog since the time I shot it. As I have been very fond of Navratri since childhood. Those nine days use to be maddening for me and my mom; dressing me up in all those 9 days with different outfits and of course new pair of jewels. How I miss those days! I guess the main focus of Navratri for me used to be dressing up…Haha !
No doubt I used to love the dancing too, but dressing up had its own charm!

My Mom is a sweetheart! She has still preserved my outfits and jewelry so well, even after so many years, that I was able to shoot couple of navratri looks for you guys; paired with contemporary trends.

So, I have created two looks here .First one is a pink lehenga – one of my all time favorites. I have teamed it up with a long flowy sleeves western wear top. I have added a bit of curls to my hair to compliment the attire and, not to forget my amazingly gorgeous navratri special jewelry . Why don’t you guys just have a look at it!


So…. ??? Isn’t the gulabi lehenga to die for and such a perfect Gulabi colour! That’s the one piece from my wardrobe I would never part with.

Now you guys might have understood where “TheGulabiGirl” came from.

Anyway lets stop obsessing with the lehenga and move ahead with another look. So,my second look is an indo western kinda look, and it is very comfortable too. I have paired a blouse of one of my lehenga sets with leggings and added that dupatta to give it the sensuality that  attire requires. Also, I have draped the dupatta in different styles so you can opt for the one that goes with your personal style.

Have a look at it :

The other reason I was excited about this blog was that, for the first time in my life, I have not only visited  some haunted mansion but actually shot there, as I loved the location .It was an amazing experience and i really wanted that kind of location for my outfits.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog as much i did working on it !

Let me know how you like the look on my Instagram and Snapchat too !

Pic Courtesy: The_coffee_mug

Till then,

Lots Of Love,

TheGulabiGirl 🙂