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June 4, 2017
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Diy: The Gulabi Space

Hello Gulabis …..

Let’s make your Monday blues a complete Monday Gulabi today … As today my blog is all about adding some DIY ideas, which will definitely give your house a makeover..

So I am guessing all of you are quite aware that I am obsessed with colour pink, from where TheGulabiGirl was born . And today I am letting you into my personal space and show you my love for the colour pink . .

As I have recently shifted to a new house , and I have done it up with a lot of pink elements and white walls.

Also I don’t believe in buying exorbitant furniture and home decor . To make my place attractive ,i  have tried my creative hands and have come up with 5 best DIY for your home/room decor which is not difficult and inexpensive

So let’s start with the major attraction and my favourite :

1: Gulabi Ladder : 

First of all ,you need to decide a corner or any place you would like to place it , than accordingly decide what height of ladder you would require . And you can go and buy this kind of wooden ladder from yerwada streets(pune), or any timber market located in your city . Buy some vibrant colour paint and primer .

Firstly apply the primer and let it dry. After 4 hours apply your first coat of colour by mixing very little water . ( P.S I have used neon pink colour)
Don’t forget to apply a second coat as well and collect some of your collection of prizes or things which you would like to keep as  display and cute elements on the steps of ladder.

You can also add some artificial creepers to it or many more things available with you .

And tada… you are done ….

Cost for making that ladder : 
Ladder of 5 feet – Rs 600/-
Neon colour 500ml: Rs 300/-
Primer 500ml : Rs 150/-

Isn’t it cheap, simple and attractive ???

2. Gulabi Frame :

For this one you need to create a design of your own or you can simply get it from google and ask the vendor who works on MDF ply to make a frame for you .

If you are looking for ready frames it is easily available at Ravivar peth ,pune. Buy them paint them and add whatever thought , slogan, image or your own picture to it . And you are done .

Cost for making frames : 
Buy ready frame : Rs 250/-
Paint : Rs 200/-
Picture print : Rs 40/-

Have a look at the one I made :

3. Center Table/Side Table:

If you want a side table next to your bed or a center table for the leaving room . Just go and buy Mango boxes which are easily available with fruit seller and make your table .

If you are looking for a side table I guess 1 box works for you but if you are looking for center table depending on the size of your leaving room , you might require four or more and place it together , tie them with some thread and put a fancy table runner or some basic fabric and keep a center piece on it . And tada you are all sorted in the cheapest way possible .

P.S Depending on the size you might require single layer or double layers of Mango boxes.Also you can paint it the way you like it . I just kept it more rustic.

Cost :
Mango boxes :Rs 15/- per box .
Yes it’s that cheap , to make so many amazing things out of it .

Also you can make a cupboard if you wish.

4. wall Art:

For wall art without damaging your wall with paints , the easy and safest way is to buy wall stickers. Which are easily available on many portals like amazon, Flipkart etc .

After putting up the wall sticker , don’t forget to add something of your own to give it a 3D Touch to it.

Like the way I have added butterflies made of chart paper .

Cost : 
Branch and bird wall art :Rs 180/-
Butterflies Handmade : Rs 20/-
You can buy this wall sticker from club factory ( download the app for throw away prices)

5. Gulabi Mirror:

This one is also super cute and easiest .
You just need a mirror according to your requirement and buy these feather strolls in which ever colour you require and just roll them up and you are ready with your feathery mirror .

Also you can add some pom Pom or creepers or fairy light or many more things as per your idea of decor.

Cost : 
Mirror : Rs 600/- for a 3x 1.5 feet
Feather stroll : Rs 180/- each

P.S – For some amazing home decor things do visit flower stories , Kalyani nagar pune.
Also, do mention TheGulabiGirl for some discounts ?

I hope you guys enjoyed these simple, cheap DIY which I have recently tried . I will definitely try some more because I like decorating my space. Also if you guys have cool ideas do share and watch the space for more coming next week.

Till then ,
Lots of Love …
TheGulabiGirl ?