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July 16, 2018
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Confused on how to pick the correct pair of earring???

How to make your earring game strong!

Hello Gulabis,

We often think how difficult it would be to select a pair of earring for a particular outfit or for a Occassion, right?
But believe me it is no rocket science. You just need to know the basic and you can pick an earring by just visualise the outfit and the earring together.

There are few sub categories to earrings which are studs, loops, danglers or statement earrings. If you can understand this you would never face a problem in deciding the right pair of earring and save yourself from the fashion police.


Work wear:
While heading to work specially when you are into a corperate sector and need to be dressed up formally, always keep in mind “Less is more here”.
Always try to keep it simple with one or two pieces of jewelry. light weight earrings or Studs are perfect for carrying a comfortable look for the entire day.
Studs adds that simplistic yet sophisticated charm to your face.
You can also try small size loops as they are always in trend and a safe option too.

Loop earring


Brunch outing or a coffee date:

Sunday brunches are more of a holiday kinda day, just chilling and having fun. You should always opt for some boho chic earrings for this one like tassels or some danglers, to give you that perfect fresh day look. Danglers can be carried in for a coffee date too.
Don’t be surprised if all eyes are on you 🙂

Tassel Earrings

Dangler Earrings




Date Night:

When you are going out on that special date night or dinner with your husband, you can opt for some gemstone/swaroski necklace and earrings which gives bold and classy look with your evening gown and is on point to dazzle that night.



Night out with friends/get together:

This is going to be one crazy night and you wish to look the best and wants to put on the best jewelry to highlight that outfit and showcase your personal style and create a bit of a drama. For that glamorous yet sophisticated look opt for statement earrings which can be danglers with some motifs, chains and tassels, Chandelier earrings, jhumki earrings or any pair of earring which is not basic and a mix of things and has its own statement feels.

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings



Day out:
Just a casual day out with some casual outfit but you want to add something more to the boring attire you normally wear.
Add a piece of boho jewel and give your attire fusion touch or contemporary style.
(P.S this one is my most favorite)

Boho style fusion earrings




Wedding/traditional events:
Jewellery plays a very important part at big events, heavy afghani earrings are a hit trend nowadays to add that contemporary glam to your outfit. You can add a neckpiece too with your afghani earrings.
Anything blingy, stone work, kundan etc are just perfect.

Blingy Kundan Earrings


So yea that’s the drill. Just keep this few pointers in your mind while picking up the perfect piece of jewellery with that outfit.

Below is the link to shop these amazing jewellery:

Gulabi Peti


So,Where are you heading today and what are you paring with your outfit?
Do share your pictures with me. Would love to see them.

Not to forget,
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