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February 25, 2019
Loft: An All-rounder Cafe Restaurant
September 20, 2019

Cafe Paashh: The Foodie’s Heaven

Hello Gulabis ! Here I am, back again with a new post for all of you. I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. So here I am with a review of one of the best Cafe’s in Pune that I’ve visited in a long time, I think.
The Cafe is placed on top of it’s very own Boutique store. The store offers clothes that are made of Organic Fabric, Hand Woven, Hand Embroidered and Look amazing! The store also has a good collection of Crockery, Dining Tables, and a variety of Furniture. The inside of this place is what makes it stand out from the others as it is totally made up of wood topped by plants and leaves hanging and leaning vertically on the walls. It’s a great place to be at whenever you wanna get the nature’s feel. One can sit and work with a cup of coffee as it refreshes your mind and makes you feel calm! The best location to sit in the cafe can be the one beside the glass window as all that can be seen from above is trees and greenery.
Cafe Paashh can definitely be called a Foodie’s Heaven for its quality of food to choose from that leaves you with a great smack on the lip. In addition to the already tasty food, it also serves with self-prepared Bread. The health freaks don’t have to be sad for Cafe Paashh offers pure Organic Food at your table. Not only is the food delicious but also it is beautiful. It won’t leave you without water dropping out of your mouth just by the way it’s presented. The Service here is as amazing as the Food. A little expensive for frequent visits but the exceptional quality of food, service and the ambience will make you want to go more. Food that I ordered: Chia seeds, Lotus Stem and Water Chestnuts(If you like lotus stems with a little spice, a must try for you), Kothu Parotha(Whole wheat crumbled with kurma making a perfect South Indian taste with coconut oil which makes it even healthier), Whole Wheat Spaghetti Pomodoro(Fresh basil, tomatoes and garlic crump which is not so spicy)
Drinks ordered: Wild Honey Shikanji(very refreshing and healthy because of it’s lack of sugar), Beetroot Carrot Juice(As it is healthy, taste was a little compromised. But recommendable for the Health Conscious group of people)
Desserts ordered: Lemon and Thyme Cheese Cake Chocolate Slider (Desserts didn’t mark up to the expectations raised by the Main Course food. Nevertheless, definitely worth a try)
So, that’s it guys. This was my review of the lovely Cafe Paashh. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone knowing that it’s a little expensive just because of the Quality and the Experience that Paashh has to offer. Keep looking for more blogs as a lot of new content is coming up soon . Keep sharing and keep loving! -The Gulabi Girl