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September 18, 2017
Bali Travel Diary -2
October 16, 2017

Bali Travel Diary -1

Hello  Gulabis !

I had a good two-week gap of Gulabi Monday blogs. But I’m back and making it up with super interesting content, hope you guys enjoy it as much I did!

I am sure you guys know I was travelling to Bali (Indonesia) From my Insta updates and Snaps. Today I am here with my Bali Diaries Part 1 with all the things you can do in Bali.

Bali is known as Island of Gods as there are huge number of temples over there with amazing architecture as well as the view. Personally, I feel Bali is so famous as it has something for every traveller – from couples to elderly to young party goers to backpackers to yoga lovers to surfers come to Bali, as Bali offers it all.

Best way to describe Bali is magnificent beauty, breathtaking sunsets, sandy beaches, ancient culture, rice terraces, temples, surfing, volcanic mountains and crazy parties.

I have divided this blog into two parts as I have so much to tell you guys and I don’t want to miss out on anything as I was there for 6 nights and 7 days.

To start, here are the 5 must do/visit things in Bali, Indonesia:

1) Island of Gods:

As I have mentioned above it is known as the Island of Gods as there are 1000s of beautiful temples with ancient cultural values and amazing architecture. Obviously you can’t visit all of them ,so I am mentioning the best and must visit temples for the perfect start.
*Ullut watu temple: with ocean view and special cultural dance act which one should not miss if you wish to connect to the tradition of Bali,know as Kecak dance act which depicts a part of the story from Ramayana.

Also,the purple sarong is a compulsion before entering the temple as a respect to their culture and be aware of the monkeys at this temple, they are very smart in grabbing your sunglasses ,phone,hat and run off.

Dancers from the kecak dance act in Balinese outfit

*Tanah Lot temple: A temple surrounded by beach from all sides has a different charm and perfect sunset view from the cafe located there at the top of the cliff.

*Floating temple: As the name itself is quite interesting , even the temple is .

Also,i am sorry guys I don’t have many pictures from this location.

*Ubud Temple: Located in the heart of the Ubud is a temple which is also good treat to eyes for the same reason.
P.S. Do cover your knees while visiting the temple ,also they have a tradition of wrapping a stole around your waist before entering the temple. So you can carry one of yours or it is easily available outside the temple.

Isn’t the architecture truly amazing ???

2)Volcanic Mountains:

You guys might have heard about Bali being on high alert recently as there were news of Mt Agung to get erupted which last took place in 1968 and have killed 1000s of people. But luckily nothing happened, just a smaller volcano erupted on 1st Oct 2017 without causing any harm.
Also we visited the kintamani view-point to view the active Mt Batur volcano just for an experience.
You can also trek on volcano which we were unable to do due to High alert news.

P.S. trekking should be done only with a guide .

3)Night life:

Lets get into what you guys can do to enjoy the night life. There are some crazy clubs and pubs which you should visit for the party scenario, some of them are :
Potato beach club(best if visited during sunset)@Seminiyak
La lafafela (best club to party till 4 am and this place will never disappoint you)@Seminiyak
Red Carpet: A cute red carpet feel street pub to grab a drink and relax ,basically just to get your night [email protected]
MexiCola: Mexican style pretty interiors kinda a place with best crowd ,perfect music and good [email protected]
Sky Lounge and Mirrors are also one of the highly rated [email protected]

4)River Rafting:
I am sure you guys might have experience the best river rafting with amazing rapids in India but in Bali it’s not really about the rapids but the beauty surrounding you during your rafting experience is something WoW.
P.S if you love to capture ,please carry your Go pro to capture that marvelous beauty and your diving experience .

5)Rock Bar resto:(Hotel Agung)

It’s a perfect place for couple no doubt to enjoy that enchanting beauty, sound of waves and picture perfect sunset view but it is definitely that one place no one should miss out during your stay in Bali as the beauty is just the real beauty which not only couples but all of us can enjoy.
I would suggest to go there for sunset and also when you are not really in the mood to party but if you want to just grab a drink and relax .

So guys, these are the 5 must visit/do things in Bali . Also the other 5 will be added to the list on my next gulabi Mondays blog .
I Hope this blog was pretty useful for you guys to plan your trip soon! And don’t forget to check out the next blog as it will also tell you more about where to stay, about the currency and other facts.

So, Keep following and sharing .

Till then lots of love,
The Gulabi Girl.