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January 15, 2019
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All about Vietnam!!!

Hello Gulabis,

I know you guys have been waiting for this blog post since quite some time, and believe me I was equally excited to work on this.

So, this was a 12 days long holiday which included two countries Vietnam & Cambodia and the best part was that it was with my girlfriends. Needed that time off from such a long time and this was the perfect package for that. Let me tell you guys more about Vietnam and what all we did there, followed with some beautiful pictures.

Vietnam, popularly known as the land of the Ascending dragon, has seen a lot of socio-economic growth in the past few years. A popular destination of many tourists worldwide, Vietnam has a lot to offer – from culture, to food, to a rich communist past, and a lot to explore majorly about the past history as that is the most strong point about Vietnam. The capital of the nation, Hanoi, is the historical land of Mau Tse Tung, the communist who has influenced the world with his ideologies. First day  began from the point of history – a visit to the Presidential palace, followed by a sumptuous treat to local food and visit to the local Pagodas and war museums. The day was filled with historical charm, and the streets reeked of architectural marvels. Vietnam is a flourish of fun fair and culture, and every step is a doorway to the past. As we visited during the most auspicious lunar new year for Vietnamese, the whole city was completely lit.

The Hanoi city tour is famous for its blended history – although Asian, the city boasts of French colonial architecture. Tree lined boulevards, lakes and ancient pagodas and temples make up the culminated charm and history of the place. The first spot was that of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a peek into history to explore Uncle Ho’s resting place. Just next door lies yet another significant historical One Pillar Pagoda, founded by King Ly Thai in the year of 1049. This ancient Pagoda holds great symbolism for the people of Hanoi. Following this was a visit to the Buddhist Tran Quoc Pagoda at west lake, this place is significant because of the Bodhi tree that was gifted by the Indian Prime Minister Rajendra Prasad to Vietnam. This tree has great historical significance because it has been grafted from the same tree where Sakyamuni Buddha had received enlightenment.

The day continued with visits to the Ethnology museum, the Literature temple, and Vietnam’s first university which was constructed in as early as 1070. A walk down the Hoan Kiem Lake was refreshing, followed by visit to the ancient Ngoc Son temple. The sight-seeing part ended with an eventful water puppet show at the hotel quarters but not the day yet.

Post that we visited the pub street famous for local food, good music and some chilled out time. One thing which gets your eye is the culture of putting up small tables and chairs just outside the pubs and restaurants. Have a look at some of the pictures from day one.


Presidential palace

One pillar pagoda behind me!

House of the president Ho Chi Man!

University build in 10th century

Architecture from 10th century! University

Two of my travel partners for this amazing holiday!!!

Potato soup and some salad!!! what i ate for lunch.

Potato soup and some salad! What i ate for lunch.



Second day was one of my most favourite as it was about the overnight cruise. Halong bay is a chief tourist spot, – the most scenic routes lead you on to the Red River Delta, with emerald stretches of land, the limestone rocks and the karst grottoes. This is the note where the cruise started. The night cruise named as Apricot, was a sunbathing and refreshing journey down the bay, which also included kayaking and swimming down to the nearby villages. The sight-seeing spots were we had a stop was the mysterious caves and the hilltop. The day ended with a lavish dinner spread and karaoke by the deck as it was the new year’s eve – a truly good end to a great day. Next day at cruise we continued with tai chi in the morning in the middle of the river, and had some breakfast and got ready to say Goodbye to this beauty! marking the end to the hallmark cruise.

Some pictures….

Cruise Day!!!!

Dinner with this view !!!!

One of the stop at some island for hill top view!

Stay for that night on cruise!!!

Lunch spread while sailing!



After returning to our hotel we headed for next destination which was  Ho Chi Man city , where the first day it  was Chu Chi tunnel. The tunnels were used by the Vietnam Cong soldiers as hiding spots – and these are one of the many tunnels that line the entire city. To look back into the past, these tunnels are witness to the soldiers defending their nation from the American forces. It was a 250km long tunnel from which almost 100km long tunnel got destroyed during the war, and i was blown after seeing those tunnels myself and the amount of thought they have put in for each and everything.

Time for some pictures again…



Thats how the tunnel was built, underground !!!



Then next day at Ho chi man city was a visit to the local market for shopping, and island hopping on the Mekong River – with significant visits to Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix and Tortoise islands. The day continued with rowing down a sampan through the Thoi Son canal – followed by visits to honey bee farms, and enjoying honey tea and coconut candy workshops. Enjoying a hammock moment draws a conclusion to this eventful long trip at Ho chi man.



While we were doing island hopping !!

Mr.Crocodile spotted!

Let me introduce the special vietnames Snake wine!!!! Yesh!!!


And finally we have completed 3 places and it was time to head to another country to witness some more cultural part about which i will be talking  in my next blog post.

Some pictures from the Pub Street in Hanoi….


Vietnam-truly the land of the ascending dragons and lot more about the past then present.

So, that’s how my trip to Vietnam was, i am sure you guys are already planning this trip in your head.

Some facts and travel details:

  • There is no direct flight for Vietnam, so you need to decide the layover you wish to take. We had 3-4 hours layover on Bangkok airport.
  • Travelling from Hanoi to Ho chi min is little far, so we opted for direct flight to save the time.
  • Visa is on arrival
  • Currency in Vietnam is Dong which is lakh dong is equal to 300INR
  • Vegetarians might have a major trouble with food, specially if you are not even a eggetarin. So i would suggest to carry some indian dry snacks.
  • Language is also bit of the issue, download a language convertor in advance.
  • Shopping is great at Night market and local market. Also the boutiques on road have some amazing collection as a lot of garments are made in Vietnam, only sizes might be an issue.
  • Best time to visit is November to february i suggest..

One main tourist attraction is the Golden bridge in Da Nong. Unfortunately we missed it but it is a must see!

That’s pretty much about it, other than this if you guys have any doubts about planning your trip to these country you can always mail me or DM your queries.

I hope you enjoyed this one, Stay updated for the next blog which will be about Cambodia!!.

Till then,

Keep showering your love and Keep following.

Lots of Love,