About Me

Hey, I am Pranjal @thegulabigirl; started my blog recently as an interesting means of nothing, just expressing my ideas and inspiration. Basically its my personal style and love for travel and as I have studied fashion its more like a passion to me. So, you can say I eat fashion, I drink fashion and I sleep fashion. And traveling is another passion for me, which keeps me going.Since my childhood I had interest of experimenting with cloths, makeup and new trends in market. I just can’t wear something which is obvious, I always love to go different and stand out from others .As the name says TheGulabiGirl, its pretty obvious that I m totally obsessed with pink. And love everything pink, which you can pretty much see in my coming posts. Also very important, being GulabiGirl I ⁠⁠⁠definitely love fashion brands but love for street shopping and Budget shopping is something I enjoy.