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June 12, 2017
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July 3, 2017

5 Online Stores To Shop From

Hello Gulabis …

Hope you all are doing good !!

Now a days all of us are so tied up with work and other formalities, that we don’t get time to go out and shop … And that’s how the online industry entered and is completely blooming .

Online shopping has definitely made our life easier but also a bit confusing on where to shop from . As there are 1000 of options available online and we don’t understand which one would be worth the penny with good quality at same time ..

So , to make the life of my gulabis a lil easier . I have come up with 5 online stores to shop from with most affordable prices .

1) koovs :
All of us have heard about koovs online portal , and many of you even loved their collection but budget is the issue .. worry not !

You need to follow simple rule. Always shop from koovs , when there are 40% or more discounts available . And you can pick up some amazing stuff in throw away prices ..

Discount keeps on happening after every 2 months . You guys just need to download the app to get regular notifications about the discounts.Also do follow them on insta for contest .

I’ll show you some of the discount pieces I have picked up from koovs and I m totally in love with it .

Picked up on 50% discount for only 800/- and must say Good Quality

On 50% discount i bought this for 250/- only ?


2) club Factory :

Club factory also has an app from where you can shop . You won’t believe till you check it out, they have some super amazing prices offered ..

This app is awesome to shop only when you want to order in bulk . As they provide free shipping only once you ordered above 2000/- rs … But believe me it’s worth it .. when you can shop 3 dress In 2000/- where else you can just buy one from other portals .

Check out the stuff I have ordered …

Long Neckpiece & Shrug is ordered from Club factory

This beautiful wall art sticker i got for just 160/- isnt it amazing ?

3) Accessories Junction:

Now let’s head towards jewellery shopping, the most important thing . Now a days the bohemian jewellary and Afghani jewels are completely trending , and you guys might have seen me wearing them most of the time , as I am obsessed with it .

Accessories junction is an instagram account, from where you can shop by selecting what you like and making payment through paytm or online transfers .

The prices offered are really less as compared to other instagram stores .

Look what I recently picked up :

These pretty bohemain ring & earings. (P.S one of my favs)

4) Embellish Chennai :

This one is again an online instagram store and has a good collection with imitation jewellery and Kundan jewellary . Good quality , good collection and amazing prices is the USP .

5) jewellery hub by Swati :

Another good option , specially when you are hunting for amazing kundan neck pieces for your wedding outfit , this is the place to stop your hunt with amazing prices .

Do try out this stores and share your pictures of what you bought :

Till then ,

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See you next Monday .

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TheGulabiGirl ?